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Breaking through impostor syndrome for creatives

Speaker(s): Kate Purmal, Shannon Fisher


Impostor syndrome: a psychological pattern of behavior that breeds self-doubt, constant questioning of competence, and a reduced sense of belonging – and leaves 70% of US workers unable to unlock their full professional potential. It’s particularly common among creative professionals. Those with impostor syndrome experience symptoms of general anxiety, ongoing stress, and persistent workaholism to offset a fear of being exposed as a fraud. And it’s worse for creatives who constantly receive subjective criticism and assessments of their work, and for those in marginalized identity groups who face greater barriers to advancement and pressures of being the only one in the room. In this workshop, Kate Purmal, the author of the new book COMPOSURE: The Art of Executive Presence, will review the behaviors, causes, and triggers associated with impostor syndrome, and share ways to overcome these persistent patterns with a simple “brain hack” to create more calm and cultivate self confidence.Kate Purmal, (she/her), former tech CEO, board director, business advisor, coach, and author, Kate Purmal In addition to board directing, business advising, and more, Kate is a Senior Industry Research Fellow at Georgetown University and a lecturer at University of Michigan Ross. She’s the author of two books: COMPOSURE: The Art of Executive Presence and THE MOONSHOT EFFECT: Disrupting Business as Usual.Shannon Fisher (she/her), senior content designer, Webflow Shannon is a senior content designer at Webflow — their first! She's been involved with content in various forms for 10 years, 4 of them at Webflow. Previously, she was an elementary school teacher where she delighted over small humans with zero filters. Shannon is a walking, knitting, all-caps, and spaghetti squash enthusiast, and loves to talk about feelings.Presented at Webflow's No-Code Conference 2021.#NoCodeConf #NCC


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