Focus mode in style panel

Sometimes when you’re building in Webflow, the style panel can get a bit tall and cumbersome to navigate. What if you could easily collapse all sections that you’re not working in? Well, wonder no longer, because now you can: with focus mode.

Enable focus mode to collapse all sections in the style panel but the one you’re working in.

To enable focus mode, open up the context menu at the top of the style panel and check that option.

This update also introduces a few new handy keyboard shortcuts:

  • Alt/Option + S to expand/collapse all style panel sections
  • Alt/Option + Shift + S to toggle on and off focus mode
  • Alt/Option + Z to expand/collapse all navigator elements
  • Alt/Option + U to expand/collapse all items in the audit panel

We’ve added a new setting to the style panel that lets you focus in on the properties section you’re currently working in by collapsing all other sections automatically.


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