Get a text if your payments fail

No surprises here: after multiple failed payments, we automatically cancel account plans or site hosting. But sometimes you’re not even aware these payments failed — think: old email addresses, lost in the inbox, carrier pigeon flight delays, and the like — which can lead to unexpected cancellations. Which are no fun.

So we added the option to get texts (to your phone!) in the case of failed payments. (Don’t worry: we won’t spam you, call you, ask if “u up?,” or share your number anywhere).

Just head to your account settings, hop into the billing tab, and … you guessed it: toggle the “Get a text when payments fail?” switch.

So simple that this caption isn’t even needed!

Ever had a payment to Webflow fail, but not known about it until it’s too late? Well, now you can turn on text notifications if one or more of your payments fails to make sure your accounts and sites keep running smoothly.


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