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How a simple spreadsheet changed my life: 1-800-D2C

Speaker(s): Tim Masek


In February 2021, I converted a simple Airtable spreadsheet into a creative outlet that changed my life. In this talk, I'll share the story of how I built 1-800-D2C — a no-code resource for direct to consumer (D2C) operators to identify which tool stacks to leverage for their business — including:The 10-month timeline from idea to launch and all the way through to today;How I converted a spreadsheet into a powerful platform using clever CMS functionality, apps, and the built-in SEO capabilities of Webflow, and;How I managed to build an audience via social media, expand my network via content marketing, and ultimately, monetize 1-800-D2C.Tim Masek (he/him), founder, 1-800-D2C Tim Masek runs Growth for the portfolio at venture studio and accelerator Founders Factory. On the side, Tim runs 1-800-D2C, a site which helps D2C operators identify the best tool stacks to help them grow their business.Presented at Webflow's No-Code Conference 2021.#NoCodeConf #NCC


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