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How MURAL's team tackles async work together in Webflow

Speaker(s): Brando Roche, Bianca Lindner, Josh Jacobs, Elena Gillis, Pablo Gonzalez Day


Building and managing websites as an international team of more than 600 people can be understandably tricky. How can you enable your web, design, development, and content teams to collaborate better and get the most out of Webflow?In this session, hear firsthand how MURAL’s design team tackles collaborative work with Webflow — including allowing their content and editing teams to work autonomously — and how they approach scaling their processes as they continue to grow.Brando Roche (he/him), account executive, Webflow Brando is a 1st generation Sri Lankan-American passionate about empowering people with technology. He started his career as a freelance visual developer in 2016. He joined Webflow in 2017 and is a founding member of Webflow’s Enterprise Sales Team.Bianca Lindner (she/her), web production lead, MURAL Bianca is a Brooklyn-based, semi-digital nomadic project manager who happily joined MURAL after 15+ years in advertising, non-profits, and fashion. Outside of setting up efficient processes, she enjoys practicing jump rope tricks, crafting/DIY, bunnies, and travel adventures.Josh Jacobs (he/him), senior UX designer, MURAL Josh is an Atlanta-based Webflow Designer/Developer & Senior UX Designer at MURAL. When not Webflowin', he loves long walks with his dog Jax, video gaming, and spending time with his newborn son, Julian.Elena Gillis (she/her), front-end developer, MURAL Elena is a web designer and front-end developer with over 5 years of experience, and is currently a developer at Mural and a board member of Charlottesville Women in Tech. Elena is a 2+-year Webflow fan and advocate who works remotely with her creative director, Chief Licker Zorro.Pablo González Day (he/him), web lead, MURAL Based in Buenos Aires, Pablo is your typical mate-drinking music junky. During the day you'll find him obsessing over and building delightful web experiences, or pretending to be a meditation expert on his balcony. When the sun goes down, Pablo moonlights as a tech YouTuber.Presented at Webflow's No-Code Conference 2021.#NoCodeConf #NCC


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