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How no-code is changing the way we work

Speaker(s): Darian Shirazi, Trisha Kothari


New technologies are changing the way employers and employees think about work. And low/no-code platforms are leading this technological revolution as more employers are noticing their easy-to-use and time and cost effective elements.In this session, we’ll discuss the state of no-code technologies from a VC perspective, highlighting how these companies are completely reshaping the workplace. Accompanied by Trisha Kothari, CEO at Unit21 in the Gradient Ventures portfolio low/no-code space, we’ll provide examples of technologies that are revolutionizing different aspects of work — from paper automation to online payments.Darian Shirazi (he/him), general partner at Google’s AI investment fund, Gradient Ventures Darian is a General Partner at Gradient Ventures. Previously, he founded Radius, serving as the company’s CEO for 7+ years. He’s an early investor in Lyft, Udemy, Carbon Health, and Palantir, and serves on the Board of Directors at MainStreet, Contractbook, and Chili Piper, among others.Trisha Kothari (she/her), CEO and co-founder, Unit21 Trisha Kothari is the CEO and co-founder at Unit21, a Series B data infrastructure company used by leading companies like Twitter, Intuit, and Chime to fight financial crime. Previously, she served in various product leadership roles at Affirm.Presented at Webflow's No-Code Conference 2021.#NoCodeConf #NCC


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