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How no-code tools helped during India’s COVID surge

Speaker(s): Vensy Krishna


In times of crisis, speed is critical. During the 2021 COVID surge in India, I built an emergency response app that connected people in need with life-saving resources such as oxygen and hospital beds. Soon after launch, it went viral with 400K users, it was featured on the front page of national newspapers, was recognized by Google and the United Nations, and was even shared by celebrities like Priyanka Chopra.In this session, I will share the story of how I built an emergency volunteer response app using only no-code tools — including scaling a volunteer team of 3 to 100 overnight — all while working completely remotely and asynchronously (no meetings, no zoom calls), and the lessons I learned while launching an emergency response initiative during a worldwide humanitarian crisis.Vensy Krishna (she/her), lawyer, no-code operator, and founder at HydCOVIDResources ✅🚀Vensy is a lawyer and no-coder who is passionate about sustainable solutions and no-code for social impact. She has taught 5,000+ people how to build no-code apps, and her emergency response app, HydCOVIDResources, serves 400,000 users today.Presented at Webflow's No-Code Conference 2021.#NoCodeConf #NCC


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