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How Webflow inspired a career change — and a community for women in no-code

Speaker(s): Claudia Cafeo


As a creative woman raised in a traditional culture, I never had the chance to explore the vast fields of my creativity. In fact, I was always told to focus on “more important” or “more serious” subjects and jobs. But in the pursuit of creating a better world and life experience for humankind, I decided to shape and share positivity by working at a public primary school in London, where I’ve been supporting children with special educational needs for the past seven years.When the pandemic happened, I realized I’ve spent my whole life helping improve the lives of others, but never spent enough time looking at what could really improve mine. Luckily, the desire to explore my creativity was waiting for me — so I decided to learn how to design.In this session, I’ll share my experience as a self-taught designer and career-switcher who, thanks to Webflow, is now growing an amazing international community of women who are walking along the same path. You’ll walk away with inspiration to own your power and help others do the same.Claudia Cafeo (she/her), founder, Floxies Claudia is a teacher by day, designer by night, who helps others reach their full potential — either in school or with a beautiful website for their company. Claudia also loves pizza, gaming, and playing music.Presented at Webflow's No-Code Conference 2021.#NoCodeConf #NCC


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