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Medica - Hospital Website Template


Meet Medica, a premium Webflow template designed to deliver a seamless user experience to your patients. It's a perfect template for hospitals, health centers, doctors, or health care providers.

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Medica - Hospital & Health Center Webflow Template

Are you looking for a premium Webflow template for your Hospital or Health Center website? Meet Medica.

Hospital & Doctors Webflow Template

Medica Webflow Template was carefully designed to deliver a premium user experience to patients browsing hospitals, health centers, health care providers, or doctors websites. It was thought to offer the right information to your users, to transform them from new visitors, to clients.

Medica Webflow Template comes with great benefits. One of them is the Figma file that is included with your purchase. Send us an email to after your purchase (attaching your order receipt), and we will be more than happy to send you the Figma design source file.

Webflow Template Figma File

Why Medica? Take a look at some of the great features that take this Webflow template to the next level.

Medica - Doctor Webflow Template - Features

  • Premium Design: The Medica template design is modern, beautiful, but also deeply optimized to transform your visitors into clients.
  • Speed Optimized: Don’t worry again about losing any visitor or lead due to an slow website. Medica template is optimized to load super fast, so your patients can browse all the website quickly, even when connected via mobile.
  • Perfectly Responsive: All pages and components are 100% responsive, and had been tested on all modern browsers.
  • Flexible Design: Medica Template has over 10 pages for you to copy/paste and build the perfect website for your hospital. Many pages like Blog offer multiple layouts so you can choose the one that suits your needs better.
  • Seamless Animations: All components have appear and interaction animations to offer a premium browsing experience.
  • 100% Customizable: You can easily customize the colors, fonts or anything else so the Template perfectly fits your hospital brand style guide.
  • Figma File: To make it even easier for you to customize Medica Template, you can send us an email to after your purchase (attaching your order receipt), and we will be more than happy to send you the homepage Figma design source file in case you want it.
  • CMS Structure: All Doctors, Services and Blog Posts are based on the Webflow’s CMS structure, so you can easily add more doctors or services without any technical experience.
  • Always Up-To-Date: Medica Hospital Template was built using the latest Webflow features and functionalities, and will be constantly updated to offer the best experience to all users.
Doctors Webflow Template

Medica - Hospital Webflow Template - Pages

  1. Homepage
  2. About Us
  3. All Doctors v1
  4. All Doctors v2
  5. Doctor Individual Page
  6. All Services
  7. Services Individual Page
  8. Blog v1
  9. Blog v2
  10. Blog Post Individual CMS Page
  11. Contact Us
  12. Password Protected Page
  13. 404 Not Found
  14. Styleguide
Hospital Health Webflow Template

Medica - Doctor Webflow Template - Support

Our Webflow Templates are very easy to use, however, if you ever found an issue, or need help with any theme bug, we are always here to help. Feel free to reach us at, and we will be glad to assist you.

Responsive design

Displays perfectly on desktops, tablets, and phones.

Responsive navigation

Site navigation automatically collapses into a mobile-friendly menu on smaller devices.

Responsive slider

Display images and text elegantly on every device with our touch-friendly slider.

Media lightbox

Showcase high-res photos and videos on a black backdrop.


Build your lead lists and subscriber base with beautiful forms.


Comes with animations and interactions for additional polish and usability.


Reusable elements you can use across your site. Edit a symbol and all copies update instantly.

Web fonts

Uses fonts from Google's Web Font collection.

Retina ready

All graphics are optimized for devices with high DPI screens.

Content management system

Customize the built-in database for your project or just add new content.

Single Use License

Can only be used by you or one client for one end product. You cannot resell or redistribute this template in its original or modified state.

Free License

This template is free to use in both person and commercial projects. You cannot resell, redistribute, or license this template in its original or modified state.

License information
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Designed by BRIX Templates

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