More client-facing receipt options for Client Billing

Following up on our improvements to client billing receipt emails earlier this month, we’ve added a couple more enhancements and controls around how billing emails are handled

Optional receipt attachments

Don’t want to attach a PDF of the receipt to the email clients receive each billing cycle? Turn it off in in the billing settings for that site.

Optional custom branding in receipt emails

Want to display “Webflow Inc.” as the billing company instead of your name or business? Turn off custom branding for invoices in the billing settings for that site.

Project settings > Billing > Client setup

Whitelabeled filenames

Before this week, attached PDFs of receipts had a “Webflow” prefix in the filename, which confused customers under the impression they were being charged directly by you. So we stripped that prefix out.

P.S. Thanks again to everyone who provided feedback on our update earlier this month!

We’ve removed Webflow references from attached receipts in emails to clients, introduced a new option to turn off these attachments entirely, and surfaced controls to turn custom branding for receipt emails on and off.



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