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More content, faster delivery: best tips for no-code content management

Speaker(s): Aron Korenblit


Creating content is time-consuming. You have to track it from ideation to production to editing to repurposing. It’s also a process that’s unique to every team: influenced by the type of content you’re creating, the channel it’s intended for, your audience, industry, and more.In this session, I’ll show creators, whether you’re a solo YouTuber or part of an enterprise team, how to create and optimize your own production workflow using no-code tools like Airtable and Webflow. I’ll demonstrate a step-by-step process that names stages the way they talk about stages, gives you insights into your pipeline, identifies opportunities for redistribution, does some of the editing work for you, and automatically publishes to your channels, including Webflow.Aron Korenblit (he/him), Automator @ Automate All the Things, Airtable Aron is the founder at Automate All the Things, a weekly newsletter and stream helping folks work smarter, not harder, using no-code. In his work life, he's a member of Airtable's education team.Presented at Webflow's No-Code Conference 2021.#NoCodeConf #NCC


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