New default product types make it easier to sell downloads and services

We’re happy to announce a new field that makes it easier to create physical, digital, or service products in your Ecommerce store. The new preset shows, hides, or preselects fields depending on the product type you choose. You can now simply create:

  • Physical products
  • Digital goods
  • Services
  • Advanced products — these include all possible fields

A digital good, for example, will automatically toggle the field to include a download, whereas a physical product will hide the downloads section altogether.

Set the fields associated with each the product type in your product settings

Design around your product types

As a new product attribute, you can now use product types to create better shopping experiences for your customers using conditional visibility, collection list filters and more.

Create different collection feeds based on product type

Head to Webflow University to learn how to add new products and set product types.

Moving beyond physical retail

Earlier this year, we announced the ability to add downloadable links to your Ecommerce products. Courses, fonts, stock photos, music — the digital world is your oyster. Today we share Webflow’s Digital Dollar Store: our own way of showcasing how Webflow Ecommerce can support all types of immensely creative digital stores. And yes, you guessed it: all of our silly (but awesome) products are just one US dollar.

Check out the Digital Dollar Store →

All proceeds from this store will go to OTTP-SF, a charity that provides mental health services to youth impacted by trauma in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Thoughts, questions or feedback?

We’d love to hear from you! Head over to our forum to share, or vote on ideas in the Webflow Wishlist.

You can now select various product types when setting up your store to automatically show or hide relevant fields during product creation.