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Your team is smarter with no-code, here’s why

Speaker(s): Curtis Cummings


If no-code isn’t part of your company culture yet, you’re going to want it to be after this session. There are several tactical things you can do to build a no-code-first culture. This culture empowers everyone to independently build their own solutions, allowing your product and engineering teams to work on only the highest-leverage projects.In this session, I’ll cover real examples of how we’ve done it at On Deck over the past 12 months as we’ve scaled from 3 to 200 employees.Curtis Cummings (he/him), Team Lead, No-Code Infrastructure, On Deck Curtis is a recovering software consultant, full-stack developer, and no-code maker. He leads the no-code Infrastructure team at On Deck, working at the intersection of code and no-code enabling everyone at On Deck to build reliably, at scale, without writing code.Presented at Webflow's No-Code Conference 2021.#NoCodeConf #NCC


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